Ania Gurynowicz

MA Psych, INHC, Psychosomatic Practitioner, Business Wellness Consultant

Ania G is a founder of Amare Vita Institute, an online mentorship platform for individuals and health practitioners and EndoPositive International, a global endometriosis support and educational stage. She is an international speaker and  author of “Alone in the Crowd- Living well with Endometriosis”.

Her dynamic attitude and understanding of human mind and psychology has gained her a respect of global clientele and allows her to quickly determine the course of action needed to get individuals and organizations from where they are to where they need to be.

She is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations create a positive change on multiple levels through learning, understanding and implementation  while living the best life possible. Her work is centered around mind impact and psychosomatic implications.

Her coaching through meaningful conversations is educational and highly experiential designed to make you feel good immediately and inspire you to know yourself better so that you can do better throughout all life stages.

Ania was born and raised in Poland, has traveled the world,  lived in the USA and is currently living in Canada.