Individual Coaching

Middle age dilemmas are on the rise among women in their forties. Emancipated, liberated, established, successful or on the very way there. We work with driven, hard working women who excel in what they do very often by suppressing their beautiful feminine side and override it with strong masculine energy. Their life-long tendency to suppress anger caused by this very suppression often leads to a multitude of complex conditions: physical and emotional or both. Under such conditions success loses its appeal and becomes a burden. We see women who exhibit: Excessive degree of involvement in work and other activities subjected to deadlines, have constant sense of urgency, display motor-expressive features indicating sense of being under the pressure all the time. That further leads to: hostility and cynicism, lack of enjoyment, irritable mood, tendency to speed up physical activities which later reflects on all relationships and well being. High competitiveness and high intensity of desire for achievement and recognition are very often a blessing in disguise. TRANSFORMATIONAL MASTERMIND is for all these who can relate but want to find the clarity leading to obtaining the BALANCE. Sustainable success must be based on principles otherwise it tastes like blood diamond. Solution focused mastermind offers tools for you to define and meet your needs, adjust your expectations and express yourself freely without judgement or idealization and leads to a discussion about circumstances and concerns that either contributed to poor physical, emotional or spiritual well-being, or have pushed you to seek change. In addition masterminds also focus on prevention and planning for personal well-being across specific life stages.
  • Prevention and health planning.
  • Self-care practices: decompression, relaxation, movement, breath, moving meditation, body care and whole food nutrition.,
  • General and specific health concerns: weight management, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders: digestive, thyroid issues, Celiac, Non Celiac gluten sensitivity.
  • Mental health: anxiety, depression, cognitive therapy.
  • Women’s issues: PCOS, endometriosis, holistic approach to infertility.
  • Men’s health: stress management, health concerns, prevention.
  • Health planning: pregnancy, menopause and third age.
  • Marriage preparation. Raising healthy children.
  • Relationship: marriage, divorce parenting, other.
  • Self discovery, self realization, self acceptance.
  • Life coaching: your purpose in life, goal setting and achievement, autonomy, self-realization, finding your own identity and voice.
All sessions are in a format of an online video coaching.Your investment: $5K to $30K 3-12 months, depending on what we wish to create together. Your investment for the initial 60 minute Discovery Conversation is $300 and helps us understand your health/life/business struggles or desires and help you discover the possibilities that lie in front of you and understand your fears and help you gain clarity on whether this is the right commitment for you.

Business Coaching

Owning a business may seem very exciting and appealing. But reality may very quickly cause a burst of the bubble. You may truly be the best expert in your field but that actually doesn’t guarantee ability to build and sustain the business. Our Set up business for success program will equip you with clarity and will provide step by step solutions.
Strategic planning is crucial to your business overall success no matter the size. It can mean a difference between success and failure. Strategic planning involves analysis of the current internal and external environments, strategy formulation, strategy execution and strategy evaluation or sustainment. Amare Vita prides itself on removing the most common obstacle new and existing entrepreneurs have when creating strategic planning. Strategic planning allows business to:
  • Create clarity around intended outcomes/results
  • Set priorities
  • Focus energy and financial and non-financial resources
  • Strengthen operations
  • Ensure that everyone in company is working toward common goals
  • Assess and adjust the company’s direction in response to a changing environment
  • Create strong and successful businesses
Failing to plan business’s finances can lead to unnecessary interest payments, lack of capital during critical periods, possible legal problems and eventual failure. Using budgeting, forecasting and tracking techniques is indispensable to business success, customer gain and retention, market share securement and maximization of profit potential. Our services:
  • Start-up, improvements or operational capital requirements
  • Realistic financial goal establishment
  • Costs control analysis including annual budget set-up and monitoring
  • Cash flow management
  • Debt management
  • Strategies and timelines outline
  • Possible problems and solutions analysis
A solid marketing strategy mapping out specific objectives and goals helps business create products and services with the best chances for staying in business and making profit. With tight competition, lack of proper sales and marketing planning and vision leads to losing out to competitors instead of fitting in within competition based on differential factors, poor customer retention or gain and loss of opportunities for targeting and optimization. It is an integral part of any successful business and involves:
  • Marketplace research including trends assessment, growth opportunities.
  • Optimal target customers, their wants, needs, location and willingness to pay definition
  • Price point establishment
  • Competition and trends assessment
  • Product/service market differentiation and value assessment
  • Valuable and engaging content marketing through variety of channels
  • Product distribution
  • Digital technology impact analysis
  • Social media effective utilization strategy
Our services include:
  • Assimilating and understanding culture and business culture
  • Understanding mentality and motivational factors for both Business owners and target market
  • Development of negotiation skills and marketing strategies that fit your business environment
  • Website Creation
  • Custom mobile apps
  • IT support services
All sessions are in a format of an online video coaching and take place worldwide. The cost is established based on the size of the business at its stage. Initial consultation is free of charge.